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Ninja Force

Unleash Your Inner Ninja!

Inspired by the TV show Ninja Warrior, Ninja Force is an assault course you won't forget! Jump, swing, climb and balance your way through the 40 metre course taking on quad steps, bar hops, hanging doors and the formidable sea of discs! Ninja Force is suitable for all ages which means the whole family can have a go! 

A young man crossing the sea of swings on the Ninja Force Assault Course, looking determined with a mother and daughter looking on in the distance

A lady tackles the hanging doors element of the Ninja Force Assault Course

A mother, with her son and daughter looking very happy after enjoying themselves on the Ninja Force assault course

Ninja Force Rules

Please do not:

  • Use the course if you are not in relative good health and able to partake in strenuous activity
  • Use the course if you weigh more than 20st(128kg)
  • Use the course if you are pregnant, under the influence of a medical or other substance or have any condition which would cause you to be a danger to yourself or others.
  • Move onto another element until the person before you has cleared it.
  • Action Stations staff reserve the right to expel participants from the course at any time for failure to comply with these or any other instructions.

Please do:

  • Have lots of fun and enjoy the course!
  • Wear sensible, secure shoes. No flip flops or open heeled shoes. Shoe laces must be tied.
  • Tie your hair back and remove any loose items, including jewellery, watches, phones, cameras etc.
  • Wait to the side if you are waiting for the next element to be clear, so as to avoid another ninja landing on you!
  • Move on if you fall or fail an element.

Please note:

  • A responsible guardian may support/guide younger participants around the course.
  • Please do not enter/overcrowd the central area of the course. Please participate responsibly!
  • You should be in good health to participate. You know your physical conditions and limitations. Ninja Force does not. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason or you could aggravate a pre-existing medical condition of any kind, please do not participate.
  • Notify  a member of staff of any injuries sustained on the course before leaving the area.
  • Action Stations staff are there to provide guidance and emergency help only.