Action Stations UpdatesOur first floor/Ninja Force assault course will be closed due to private hire on the following dates - 24/05/2018, 15/06/2018, 16/06/2018, 18/06/2018, 19/06/2018, 20/06/2018 ,21/06/2018, 22/06/2018, 03/07/18, 04/07/18, 05/07/18, 07/07/2018

All Action Team Challenge

Has your team got what it takes?

The All Action Team challenge is a selection of physical and mental challenges where delegates work in teams to develop communication, leadership and negotiation skills.

Possible activities include, but are not limited to:

At the end of the challenge, the points awarded are totalled to ascertain the winning team.

2 ladies are climbing on the Rotating Wall, with 3 Kick in the background. A member of staff is attentively watching them

2 young ladies are tackling the hanging doors and baskets on the Ninja Force Assault Course

2 adults climbing the Climbing Tower, the male is on the red run and the female is on the blue run

How Do I Book?

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