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Merlin Flight Deck

Take command of a Merlin Helicopter!

Our Merlin Flight Deck features 2 exciting activities which are suitable for visitors of all ages. Take your seat in the cockpit of our Merlin Helicopter and put your piloting skills to the test. The Merlin has 5 different open world missions available and has a time limit of 3 minutes per pilot. When your flying time has finished, take aim on our door-mounted machine gun! Both areas use military grade simulation technology to provide a realistic, immersive experience.

An external picture of the Merlin Flight Deck, showing the doorways and rotor blades.

Basic Flight Control Information

On your left side is the collective lever: this controls your height

Raise the collective to increase power and gain height.
Lower the collective to decrease power and descend.

In front of you is the cyclic stick
To increase speed push the cyclic forward.
To slow down pull the cyclic back.
To roll the helicopter move the cyclic left or right.

At your feet are the rudder pedals
Push the left pedal to turn the helicopter left.
Push the right pedal to turn the helicopter right.

The seat moves forwards and backwards and is height adjustable (as in a car).

The time available for your flight is in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Have a good flight.