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Information, Communication and Technology

Brains at the ready!

Boathouse No.6 has undergone endless changes since it was constructed over 150 years ago.

Allow us to show you how this 1840s boathouse was converted into an interactive tourist attraction. Students will learn about the hardware and software that goes into running our exhibits on a daily basis. Their behind the scenes tour will offer them an extensive insight into how technology has advanced and changed over the past decade and how a modern tourist attraction has to keep refreshing in order to stay up to date. Students will also take an in-depth look at our Laser Quest arena, exploring the technology that powers it and the ins and outs of the arena itself. This workshop includes a game of Laser Quest for every student.

This package can be adapted for all key stages.

Target Group: Suitable for all
Price: £9 per student

A lot of computer server racks

How Do I Book?

To book your workshop or for more information, contact our Events and Learning Executive, Lauren Mitchell

02392 891370 (ext 2040)