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Code and Cipher Workshop

Let's Get Cracking...

Working in teams, students are issued with code breaking kits which include a code and cipher book, cipher wheel, linear scrambler and a scytale. Their task is to figure out numbers which have been fiendishly enciphered by the Action Stations Spy Master! It's a race against time as each number identifies a container. The first team to correctly work out the number will get a chance to find the container. The only problem is that it's hidden amongst five hundred identical, but differently numbered, containers! So sharp eyes and panther-like reflexes are a must!

Target Group: Suitable for all
Price: £8 per student

Hundreds of small grey film pots, with numbers on top.

How Do I Book?

To book your workshop or for more information, contact our Events and Learning Executive, Lauren Mitchell

023 9289 3316